Titanium Power!
— Agent Titanium while morphing into the suit.

Agent Titanium's Titanium Power Suit is a form that Agent Titanium transforms into thanks to the Titanium Morpher. It is known to be a suit made of titanium, with many different weapons and attacks. Titanium is noted to have two different forms, andriod form and Titanium Ranger form. It has many attacks, such as the Volcanic Spin, Titanium Drift, Air Await, Fire Four, Rock Drumble, etc. The weapon he uses is the Titanium Laser Axe Gun, this is a pickaxe with is made of titanium and has laser equiped to it. He uses this usually to defeat the CPPD or other great enemies. He has a zord, called Max Solarzord, a shuttlecraft.


How it looks like when Agent Titanium is wearing it.

Titanium Ranger Form
Titanium (1)




  • Titanium Morpher
  • Titanium Laser
    Lightspeed Rescue against Titanium-102:12

    Lightspeed Rescue against Titanium-1

    Agent Titanium as the Titanium Ranger, almost winning a fight but got destroyed later on.


    The Max Solarzord.

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