King's meeting hidout

What it currently looks like.

Agent Titanium's Meeting Standard is a RPA hideout which when a RPA meeting appears, agents he's working with go to his igloo and discuss a topic of what's going on or what the CPPD is up to. It has a computer to track down stuff, a TV to watch the news, a table to discuss something and has tea and some decore around it, and a gate and a laser so a CPPD Agent won't be able to get in. If an agent whose friends with King (Titanium's nickname), they will be able to access. It is currently under contruction by Kingkazimi1, which is Agent Titanium's penguin name.

How To Get In

  • You have to be friends with Kingkazimi1 and click on his player card and click the igloo icon to go in. 
  • If you see King waddling around the island and his igloo is open, and if you're interested in seeing it, click on his player card and click the igloo icon and go in.
  • If he's advertising about his igloo, and if you're interesting in seeing it, go in. 
  • If you're working with him such as robbing or pookie protesting or so, and if he invites you to his standard, go in and see the decore! 

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