This isn't over. You think you've seen the last of me? Well, you're wrong. He and I will soon become one. And when we do, you won't be able to escape our darkness.
— Evil Agent Omega X in Agent Omega X's nightmare vision

Evil Agent Omega X (or Project: Omega X 2.0) is a clone of Agent Omega X, created by using his DNA.


An unknown time after Operation C.O.O.LAgent Unknown realized that Agent Omega X was a threat too big for the RPA to be on the loose. So, one day, he entered Agent Omega X's house and took a DNA Sample from him. He then returned to the Robber Penguin Agency HQ and gave the sample to Agent Bon Chaos, along with some instructions explaining what Unknown wanted Bon Chaos to do with the sample. Agent Bon Chaos then started a new project, which codename was "Omega X 2.0". Then, after Operation: Music ended, Agent Bon Chaos told Unknown that the experiment was a failure. Omega X 2.0 went berserk and had destroyed the RPA Labs, so Bon Chaos sealed him in a cryogenic tube. Unknown asked about the reason of the clone being imperfect, to which Bon Chaos replied that there wasn't enough DNA to perfect the clone and that they needed one of Omega X's body parts' full DNA. Unknown inmediately rejected the idea of amputating Omega X's body parts for a clone.

Vision & Return

Before Operation: Robot started, Omega X had a nightmare/vision in which he confronted Omega X 2.0 in a mysterious place. Omega X asked about the clone's identity, who identified himself as Omega X's "dark self and greed of power". Omega X claimed that he was lying and attacked Omega X 2.0, who couldn't dodge the attacks. After he was defeated, Omega X 2.0 claimed that it wasn't over and that they'd meet soon enough. Omega X then woke up, wondering if it was just a dream... or a vision of what's to come.

Later, in the middle of Operation: Robot, Agent Unknown went to the room where Omega X 2.0's cryogenic tube was, and removed the dust from it, probably indicating that Omega X 2.0 could/will join the RPA.

When Operation: Robot ended, Project Omega X 2.0 watched as the RPA and SPA celebrated their victories (the RPA got the robots and the SPA got the memory chips) with someone who wanted to take revenge on Agent Omega X and Agent Unknown...


He looks exactly like Omega X, only that he has darker hair and skin, red eyes, a dark jean jacket, dark jean trousers and dark blue sneakers.

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