This version of Agent Fireman is a major future version of Agent Fireman after Operation: Rise of the Rebellion (completely Roleplaying with nothing to do with CP).

Differences between his Present (New Earth) Counterpart

1. Agent Fire Man (New Earth) still loves and protects Pookies and Puffles, but the Prime Earth version abandoned his job protecting Pookies, making him only do it if it is necessary.

2. Agent Fire Man (New Earth) was neutral to the RPA since his friend, Ballono, is in it, but the Prime Earth version is an enemy to the RPA since Ballono is gone and that he is a defending assistant to the EPF.

3. The New Earth version of this character has these forms: SSJ, Kirby, and Black. However, the Prime Earth version has these forms: Super, South, East, West, North, and Ultimate.

4. The New Earth version of this character has his codename called Agent Fire Man, but the Prime Earth version switched his codename to Agent Nightwing.

Why is he an enemy?

Only one thing about him has changed, protecting Pookies immediately when a Pookie Hater, Pookie Skiller, Pookie Hunter, or anything else that hates Pookies try to skill a Pookie. With Ballono gone, he is free to attack the RPA until Ballono is back meaning that he will be neutral to the RPA again. We won't need to worry about him transforming into his Ultimate Form since it's never gonna be used on us. He has a weakness, but we need to find versions of it in order to easily defeat him when he is fighting against us since he is very powerful with his weakness far far away from him. Destroying his agency will never work since he is more powerful than him fighting alongside other people when he is going solo. Again, the only way to easily defeat him is to get his weakness out when you are fighting him. Whatever you do, DO. NOT. GET. A. VERSION. OF. HIS. WEAKNESS. THAT. HARMS. NORMAL. PENGUINS. OKAY? Only PMA Agents know his weakness so our agents don't easily defeat him in the first battle with him. So, be a man and study and use his weakness when fighting him so you can beat him. If he instantly beats you, it means that you either didn't find the correct weakness or that you found one of the wrong versions of the weakness. So yeah, just read all of that.

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