Agent Mastermind from Earth-(55481) is a boss in RPA: The Ultimate Battle and will most likely be a boss in RPA: The Ultimate Battle 2 according to an employee from Unknown's Company in an interview. He was the boss of Club Penguin in the first game and was the first boss of Supreme City. His main attacks are using machinery since he doesn't have any real powers yet even still, he's really easy to beat.

Characters that are easy to defeat him with and how

  • Agent Unknown - Agent Unknown has great power, can turn invisible and is a master of disguise. He can use powerful weapons to defeat him easily along with his Master Speed power which can make him run over to Mastermind's machines very quickly while also being in Anti-Gravity Shoes preventing him from falling off parts of the building. His defence is good enough to protect himself and he can upgrade his power taking him to another level. He can use powerful and hard techniques to defeat Mastermind. Using all of his skills, the quickest time to beat Mastermind with him in Club Penguin is 31 seconds and Supreme City is 56 seconds.
  • Agent Bon Chaos (Earth-55481) - Agent Bon Chaos is a weapons expert meaning he can use different kinds of weapons to defeat Mastermind. The problem is that the stronger the attack is, the more ending lag it has (firing 3 rockets from a rocket launcher can take 5 seconds to put away instead of 2 or less, etc.). He can use Anti-Gravity Shoes but lacks the Master Speed power when this is activated due to his medium speed. He can send out robots that can take out a huge amount of damage distracting him then going for another attack. Using all of his skills, the quickest time to beat him in Club Penguin is 34 seconds and Supreme City is 57 seconds.

Characters that are hard to defeat him with and why

To be added...

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