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Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe
Sheep Baa

Full Name 88face
Species Penguin/Cat/Sheep
Gender Male
Position KLA Director, PPP Agent, PSA Agent, EPF Agent, SPA Agent,Former RPA Agent
Appeared Operation: Music, Operation: Robot, Operation: Frozen (first 4 days)Operation Keyboard (SPA VS PHD mission), Operation: Kidnap (SPA VS PHD mission) Operation: Kitty 1 (SPA VS PHD mission), Operation: Kitty 2 (KLA VS PHD mission)
Color  ?
Clothes Items  ?
Related To Keyboard (pet), Echo (pet), Snowy (pet), Rest Unknown
Friends With Agent Omega X, Agent Nugget, Agent Ellie, Keyboard,

Agent Bon Chaos, Echo, Snowy, Agent Flutter, Agent Unknown

Pets  ?
Meetable Character? Yes
Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe (also known as Ballono), is a PPP, PSA, former RPA, EPF and SPA Agent who is also one of the worst enemies to the PHD. He created a whole town next to Penguin City called Catworld. He is also the Director of the KLA. He joined the RPA on July 18, 2014. He was fired (but then rehired) on August 6, 2014 for making fun of an enemy just to find out who the former SPA Director was. He later got fired forever for all the troubles he caused; The Director of the RPA said it is 'impossible for him to be reconsidered with another chance'.


  • His worst enemy is Agent Extreme, as he captured his PA Keyboard, destroyed the KLA, and almost destroyed Catworld.
  • He created a robot called Robo-Kitty, but it turned evil and it is currently rebuilding itself after getting destroyed twice.    
  • He got the most Ban's out of every agent in the RPA.
  • He enjoys science.
  • AU's made him a high clearance in place of Agent Boom.
  • His first mission was Operation: Keyboard, which was a SPA VS PHD mission.
  • He was permenantly fired on August 31, 2015 due to inactivity.

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