Agent Fireman (Username: P222107321) is a PMA Agent. He is noted to be a enemy to the RPA, and known to have a strong rivalry with Agent Titanium. He is known to be a great friend of Ballono. He argued with Titanium that his opinion is wrong about pookies, as Titanium is a pookie hater and abuser at while he is also in the Pookie Hater Defence. Fireman does not respect the opinion that Titanium does not admire pookies. Agent Fireman is a huge enemy to the PHD too. He made the Penguin Master Agency (PMA), which goes against the PHD. It stops pookie hating. Agent Fireman is ranked #12 on the RPA Most Wanted List. He is also a KLA agent.


  • Even though he is an enemy to the RPA, he has a robbing side.

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