Agent Extreme is an agent of the PHD and RPA, he is a robber but also an EPF agent sometimes. He is currently inactive on CP due to homework, and his PC charger is lost. If he joins an agency, his standard is to remain loyal to the rules, and loyal to the agency.


Joining CP

Agent Extreme's elder sibling always used to play CP during 2005 and 6. He wanted to play, but didn't know how. He was 8 by late 2007 and decided to start playing it and over the time, it became his favorite online game and always used to play it. But when Disney bought the game, there was an outbreak of pookies and preps and stopped playing it but came back in 2012.

Robbing On CP

In summer 2012, the Marvel Superhero Takeover has ended and Agent Extreme saw lots of people robbing on CP such as the Pizza Parlor, the Coffee Shop, the Clothes Shop, etc. Agent Extreme became attracted by it so he put on his Black Toque and started robbing. As the months went by, he became a master at it and formed a crew of robbers and they robbed on CP all the time until it was crushed by EPF In January 2013, it had lasted for almost 6 months. Agent Extreme became very sad and quit CP but came back in December 2013 and it had changed a lot. Agent Extreme also started doing EPF work though he was PSA in 2009. When the Popcorn Explosion had occurred. He hated EPF because it had replaced PSA but joined it 3 years later, he became a commander in EPF but he refused to quit robbing so his agent friends turned against him but then in February 2014 he was invited back by The Director and Gary the Gadget Guy and they said it doesn't matter and people can't be rude to you for having fun.



  • He likes chocolate.
  • He is a PHD Agent.

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