Venom Symbiote ingame RPA Enemy
This article is about someone who is an enemy to the Robber Penguin Agency.

Agent Dunita (realname Dunita20) is an agent from the SPA. Her best friend is Agent Omega X. Her Private Assistant is named Rhais.


It is unknown when did Dunita arrive to the island, but while she was there, she made lots of new friends. On September 10, 2013, she met Agent Omega X and the Elite Puffle assigned to him for that mission, Flare. The Boiler had stopped working and Omega had to investigate the cause and, if possible, solve it. Dunita inmediately fell in love with Omega due to (according to her) his ability to fix things and to make Puffles do special things (Flare's welding fire). Omega noticed he was being watched, and saw Dunita. She turned red from the nerves, but Omega didn't know about her, and thought about Dunita as a civilian, telling her to keep distance from the area. She kept denying, and this made Omega angry. Then, Omega's EPF Phone rang, but so did Dunita's! This revealed that Dunita was Agent Dunita, and Omega felt bad for getting angry at her. They had to go to the Mountain because Herbert had been spotted there. When they arrived, Herbert jumped to the Test Run, but since it was so dangerous, Herbert hurt himself a lot, and neither Omega nor Dunita dared to jump. Even if Herbert managed to escape, Omega and Dunita became good friends, and promised each other they'd meet again. When the SPA was founded, Omega was one of the first agents to join it, and, a few weeks later after the foundation, he "undercoverly" tested Dunita to see if she was worthy of joining. She almost failed (she needed 4 more points), but according to Rule #8 from the SPA, if a penguin was invited to the SPA by an agent who was a friend, the tested would gain 5 extra points to the test's final score, and since Omega, who was her friend, invited her, she passed! She then was given her Supreme Phone with her Private Assistant named Rhais, and inmediately after that, she was given a mission. She had to choose a Partner, and since this was also Omega's first mission, he also had to choose someone, and they instantly chose each other! Since then, then have been BFFs and battled together in many occasions.

Currently Dunita is patrolling the island in secret, acting as a fabulous dancer.

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