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Agent Day
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Full Name James Gormus Faraday
Species Homo Sapien
Gender Male
Position Second In Command of the RPA
Appeared various missions
Color Pale
Clothes Items Dark and practical
Related To unconfirmed biblical demon
Friends With Most RPA agents and CPPW members
Pets none.
Meetable Character? N/A
Voiced/ Played By N/A
James Gormus Faraday, better known by his code name, Agent Day, is a long time agent of the RPA and a good friend of several of the older agents. Day was the youngest agent when he joined. Day also serves as the SIC of the RPA. Day is a warlock. His warlock marks include his abnormally sharp teeth, extra-long incisors, and uncanny flexibility.

Physical Appearance

James is noted to be particularly tall and willowy, with skin as pale as snow. His hair is described as unnaturally dark and carelessly tousled. Day can choose to manifest his facial features, though he oftentimes prefers not to. When he does, his face is just as pale as the rest of his body. His face has luminous blue eyes, elegant features, and has no facial hair hair except for eyebrows and eyelashes, both of which are dark and thick, just like his hair. When his face is not manifested, it appears flat and black, like a vortex. His teeth show when he smiles or laughs, which is why he usually keeps his mouth covered.

James prefers dark and practical clothing. His usual ensemble consists of a black undershirt, a sleeveless black hoodie, a studded black belt made out of leather, skinny black pants, a silken black scarf, a bandanna with a tooth-like white pattern printed on it over the lower part of his face, steel-toed black combat boots with spikes on the back, and a black trench coat. Day had been noted to wear an all-black tuxedo ensemble, complete with a top hat, in formal events.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities

  • James is a shapeshifter. He can physically transform into any animal or person.
  • As he is a warlock, James is immortal.
  • Mark-rooted abilities: James's teeth serve as useful weapons, and his flexibility gives him an advantage on the battlefield.
  • Physical advantages: James's stature and strength also give him an advantage on the battlefield.
  • James is skilled in martial arts.
  • James is skilled in the use of several firearms, melee weapons, and ranged weapons.
  • James is also a fair tactician.
  • James is familiar with the human and penguin anatomies, and knows where to attack to hurt but not kill, where to knock out the victim, where to give the victim a painful death, etc.



James is one of the more laid back and comical members of the RPA. He's lazy, cunning, arrogant, and mildly sadistic. He's also quite playful and oftentimes childish and appears to participate in RPA missions for his convoluted recreational purposes, though he does have deep emotional bonds with most of his higher-ups and colleagues and deep-seated enmities with his opponents. James is also noted to be rather secretive, and many things about him are unknown, from his true name, to his parentage, to the full extent of his powers.


  • James swears a lot.
  • His middle name, Gormus, is a reference to the colour of his eyes. "Gorm" is the Gaelic word for "Blue."
  • James is a noted arachnophobe.
  • James once jokingly referred to himself as Roonil Wazlib. "Roonil Wazlib" is a misspelled version of a name of a Harry Potter character, caused by expired charmwork.
  • James appears to have a penchant for comedic aliases. Some of his former aliases include, but are not limited to: Roonil Wazlib, Cousin Barny, Kat Kardashian, Aphrodite, and Finnick Odair. "Cousin Barny" is one of Harry Potter's aliases. Finnick Odair is a character from the Hunger Games Trilogy, noted for his good looks.
  • James's favourite bands are Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Fifth Harmony.
  • Green Day is likely the source of his codename. It's also very likely that "Day" comes from his rumoured surname.


  • "Sure, I'm James. Jim. Jimmy. Jimberly. Whatever you want to call me."
  • (quoting Ron Weasley) "Follow the spiders.....why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?"

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