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"When humanity gets too stupid for my liking, I just hit it with a killing curse."

                                                                                                - Agent Crucio in an interview.

Agent Crucio is an RPA agent and the SIC of the RPA.  

Aquila Bellatrix Frollo

Full Name Aquila Bellatrix Frollo
Species Human/ Penguin/Palm Tree
Gender Female
Position SIC of the RPA, Mage, Wizard.
Appeared  ?
Color White/Tan
Clothes Items  ?
Related To Unknown
Friends With More or less everyone in existance.
Pets  ?
Meetable Character? Yes
Voiced/ Played By N/A


Birth and Early Childhood

Crucio was born to the Roman goddess of victory, Victoria and an unnamed penguin who worked at the fish dog stand at the stadium on July 7th as Charlene Samson. However, she was abandoned by her father, and since it wasn't the way of the gods to take in their children by mortals, Victoria left her. Aquila spent her childhood moving from foster home to foster home. Unfortunately, her foster parents were extremely religious penguins who  believed that a woman's job was at home. But, they were forced to send her to school due to the law. But there, they did have people keep tabs on her, so she was unable to do as much as raise her hand in class. Due to  the powerful  competitive nature of a child of Victoria, and being forced to not take part in any competitive activity, this countered her natural will and slowly turned her insane.

Getting Her Own Igloo

At age 14, Aquila finally got permission from child services to get her own igloo. It was a simple, basic igloo with a few old pieces of furniture. Aquila upgraded it regularly.  It is now a four storey igloo, with t


As a child of Victoria, Aquila is quite competitive and will never say no to any challenge. She is also quite spunky and sassy, as she has a preformatted comeback for every situation. She also enjoys bad jokes, use the "STUMP" joke several times. She also keeps her end of the deal. But on the battle field, she is incredibly strict and plans out every last detail. Aquila is always confident in herself and is a bit of a show-off. When the dark side of her powers are revealed however, she becomes a mindless psychopath.


As a child of Victoria, she is less fragile than average penguins. She is also faster, stronger, flexible  and more skillerd at physical activities. She can also transfer energy to another weapon, making it twice as effective in the next strike. She also has a better stamina and endurance. She also has battle cries which strike fear into the enemy's heart. She is also an excellent horse rider and is very athletic.


As an immortal, Aquila can appear as of any species, but usually prefers human form. She has a preferred system of it.

Preference #1 (Female)

In this form, she has short ebony hair, purple eyes and is extremely  gaunt and skinny.

Preference #2 (Female)

In this form, she has green eyes, tan skin and blue hair

Preference #3 (Male)

In this form, she has spiky pink hair, black eyes and an incredibly muscular body.

Preference #4 (Palm Tree)

In this form, she bears the appearence of an androgynous, humanoid palm tree.

"I think I look fabulous today. Don't you?"


  • OMICRONO DESTRUCTO! (dark side)
  • I'm bored!
  • (To Vipera) Oh, don't worry, you'll get your prep snack.
  • (To Thunder) " I'll trade you Hades for Persephone. Or Hera for Ares."
  • (To Vaire) "Who are you calling bookish? I'm not the one who reads books like a maniac!"  
  • "I see you're STUMPED! Get it?"                        
  • "CRUCIO!" (dark side, quote)      
  • "I KILLED SIRIUS BLACK! I KILLED SIRIUS BLACK! HAHAHA!!" (When impersonating Bellatrix Lestrange)  
  • "I, Aquila Bellatrix Frollo command you to DIE!!"             
  • "(Facedesk) There was a reason (insert gadget here) was invented, Sherlock."             
  • "Words cannot explain...."             
  • "Ya little nasty."             
  • "YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO ANIME!"             
  • "Lunch is now the most magical time of the day for me."             
  • "AHAHAHAHAHA. No."             
  • "Bruh, do you even Potter?"             
  • "Sleep under a tree, wake up on a cloud."             
  • "Only those who are willing to be killed should kill." (quoting Lelouch vi Britannia)             
  • "Overpowered as Hades."             
  • "WE MUST SHIP IT LIKE FEDEX!"             
  • "Gimme some manga and I'll be fine."             
  • "SUGAH, WE'RE GOING DOWN SWINGING!"             
  • "THIS AIN'T A SCENE, IT'S A GAH DEH ARH REH!"             
  • "HERE'S TO NEVER GROWING UP!"             
  • "Oh I'm sorry, was that your heart?" (While fatally injuring an opponent)             
  • "A world ruled by scum will only give rise to more scum." (quoting Eustass Kid)             
  • "Justice will prevail you say? But of course! Who ever wins becomes justice!" (quoting Donquixote Doflamingo)             
  • "It's far beyond my reasoning how people manage to survive at temperatures below 30 degrees celsius."             
  •             "Fools who don't respect the past are doomed to repeat it." (Quoting Nico Robin)

Her old wikia Icon


  • She is one of the youngest members of the RPA.
  • She was the third person to join the RPA (second if you don't count Agent Unknown).
  • She likes robbing the Pizza Parlor, mainly to see the reactions of preps.
  • Most officers in the Pizza Parlor refer to her as "Mr Robber" since she usually doesn't wear wigs.
  • She uses that time to escape, saying things like "Um, I'm not a guy."
  • She is the SIC of the RPA.
  • She is the first female to join the Robber Penguin Agency.
  • She refers to Vipera, Nyla and Stiletto as her soul sisters.
  • She has the ability manipulate fire, water, metal, lava, blood and lightning.
  • She speaks in a Russian accent.
  • Her worst enemy is Omegasonic2000.
  • She can cast spells.
  • She loves FOB songs.
  • She is a demigod.
  • She is possesion of The Helmet of Hades, Katopris, Aegis and Anaklusmos, along with other greek weapons.
  • She and Thunder are often seen playing Greek Deal.
  • She is a fan of anime.
  • She listens to music in four languages, namely English, Telugu, Hindi and Japanese, though her ultimate preference is for soundtracks.
  • Her psychotic laugh is "Shirorororo", which she shares with her distant cousin Caesar Clown


  • "It seems as though we'll require a new tank."
  • "Yes. I am Apate."
  • "Now DIE!!"
  • "WHAT?!?! NO!"
  • "Curse, you, you stupid WRETCH!"
  • "NO! NO PLEASE!"
  • "Nice to see you again."
  • "Yes, I will be commanding the siege on Penguin City's vault."
  • "Do as you like."
  • "Very well then."
  • "Yes. Understood."
  • "How shall I get past this barricade.....?"
  • Trix's Kira laugh.

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