Agent Cream Pie was an agent of the Robber Penguin Agency. His old agent name is Agent Football.

His wikia username is Yellowperson-Returns.

Club Penguin History

He found Club Penguin in the summer of 2009. He 'waddled' around as a non-member for a year, and then he found out about membership. He then brought a membership card, and he loved being a member. In 2012 he did his first robbery where he robs the Pizza Parlor, and he has being robbing the Pizza Parlor ever since.


  • He likes a popular TV show called the The Simpsons.
  • He rejoined the RPA on 15/08/14.
  • He once quit the RPA on July 4th 2014.
  • He is on the cake side on the CPW.
  • He is no longer apart of the RPA.