Agent Club's Robber Riot
Agent Club's Robber Riot Cover
Platform Wii U, Nintendo 3DS
Developer Club's Company
Publisher Club697
ESRB rating ESRB Everyone Mild Cartoon Violence
Genre RPG, Action, Adventure
Date released April 17, 2015

Agent Club's Robber Riot is an upcoming Club Penguin video game in development by Club's Company. The game's plot is about the Robber Penguin Agency (RPA) is assigned on a mission called "R.I.O.T"; which you will need to figure out how to stop the CPPD (Club Penguin Police Department) from destroying the RPA, thus beggining "The Robber Riot".

The game allows to transfer coins onto your Club Penguin account, just like Elite Penguin Force & Herbert's Revenge.

The game will be released for Wii U & Nintendo 3DS on April 17, 2015.

Game Guide

Prolouge - The Announcement

Agent Club is in his igloo until he gets a call from his robber phone. He realizes the Robber Penguin Agency is having another new mission, he quickly gets ready and flies to the RPA HQ. Agent Unknown the director of the agency tells everyone they have a meeting. In the meeting table, Agent Unknown shows everyone on the RPA Screen. The Club Penguin Police Department (CPPD) calls the RPA. Chapa the CPPD's director tells the RPA they are planning to destroy them once and for all. Agent Unknown says to him that they will not take that risk and are planning to fight back. Chapa says it won't be that easy for them as he shows the plan.

Agent Unknown interupts the call and says the RPA will have a plan for the CPPD called "R.I.O.T" (Robbers Infiltrating Organized Teams). Agent Unknown needs everyone to get to their places now before it's too late.

After the cutscene, the player takes control Agent Club in the RPA HQ. You will need to talk to Agent Unknown who says he needs some missing parts for the R.I.O.T Robot Maker 8000, there are five missing parts that are needed.

  • To get the first part, move Agent Club with the left analog stick to the basement. In the basement you will need to flip the levers in the correct order: Left, Right, Middle, Right, Right, Left. (Use the touch screen to flip the levers), doing so will activate the power outage to the safe and will collect the first part.
  • The second part is on the 2nd floor of the RPA HQ. It is in one of the RPA lockers that has a combination lock on it. When you get to the locker that has a combination lock, (Press B to interact with objects) and enter "7-2-3". Doing so will unlock the locker and you will collect the second part.
  • The third part is on the 4th floor of the RPA HQ. It is in the storage area where the RPA keeps stolen items. The missing part is in one of the boxes the RPA keeps in, however the boxes are numbered, if you look at the wall there will be a message left by Agent Unknown where he gives you the clues to which number he is talking about. The number is "135", look in box 135 and you will collect the third part.
  • The fourth part is on 6th floor of the RPA HQ. It is in the RPA labs, this is a series of labs that the RPA usually plans their inventions. The fourth part is in a tube chamber however it is somehow locked. If you look next to the chamber, there will be nine switch panels that do certain things to the chamber. They will have a certain order and will change another switch but will turn the original switch back to normal. The order you must put them are "9-3-5-1-6" when you correctly put the correct order in you will gain the fourth part. (If you mess up you can leave the room and try again which will restart it).
  • The fifth and final part will be on the roof of the RPA HQ. To get this part, you will need to go up on the roof using the elevator. When you get onto the roof, there will be buttons you must step on in order to get the final part. The buttons however are color coded. (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Purple). The order of the buttons you must step on are blue, blue, red, yellow, green, green, blue. When you correctly step on buttons in the right order. You will get the final part for the R.I.O.T Robot Maker 8000.

When you have all the missing parts for the machine you must talk to Agent Unknown.

A cutscene then plays; Agent Unknown then powers the machine and puts the parts into place, which then activates the machine and powers the signals. When it is finished powering, the R.I.O.T Robot Maker 8000 activates. The RPA agents are amused, however, upon further inspection, one of the CPPD's agents, crash open the RPA HQ in a helicopter and finds out the plans. The agent quickly jumps down and grabs the seven Robber Tablets and flys away. Agent Unknown is stunned and demans the tablets back, however, Agent Club immediately says he wants to volunteer to get the tablets back.

Agent Unknown is surpised with this but gives Agent Club the RPA Laptop, which he then demonstrates how it works by giving a short tutorial to the player.

"The RPA Laptop is the official laptop of the Robber Penguin Agency. You can contact agents, get hidden files and recieve incoming calls from the director, agents, or other penguins. Let me show you how to use it"

  • To bring up the laptop tap the gamepad.
  • If you want to call an agent go into "Contacts".
  • Search for the agent and then tap "Contact".
  • You can also abort the call by tapping "Abort".
  • Finally I want to show you the email feature, tap the mail icon. Now tap on "New Mail", here you can see the recent emails you have gotten, you also have the "Trash" feature where you can delete emails. 

"That's it for now but you can download more features at the software download files in the RPA Labs."

After the tutorial, Agent Unknown counts on Agent Club to find the seven Robber Tablets before it's too late. Move Agent Club with the left analog stick to control him to the main entrance door of the RPA HQ.

Another cutscene will play featuring a meeting with Chapa23 and his CPPD agents. He says that the RPA will be destroyed in a matter of time and everything is all planned. Chapa then brings up a screen showing the player (Agent Club) going to the next destination. He finds out that the RPA director (Agent Unknown) sent one of his agents to get the robber tablet.

Chapa asks his agents if anyone wants to volunteer to defeat the player. One of his agents Agent Mastermind (Now working for the CPPD), says he would like to trample the player. Chapa23 agrees and allows Agent Mastermind to go and defeat the player once and for all. Which leads to his other agent, Agent Cool to tag along with Agent Mastermind as well. Chapa23 then tells the rest of the CPPD agents that he assigned Agent Omega X to guard the first robber tablet by the player. Chapa23 says the player will be no match for what's coming ahead of him.

Chapter 1 - Penguin City

A black screen appears on screen with text which reads:

"With the CPPD and Chapa23 plan to defeat the hero. Agent Club heads off to start his adventure, but little did he know he was being watched by the CPPD. On the streets of Penguin City, he could see the Omega Tower in the far-off distance. Meanwhile in the RPA HQ, Agent Unknown counts on Agent Club to get the robber tablet before it's to late. Many challenges await him as the adventure begins."

Chapter 1-1: The Adventure Begins

Agent Club is in the middle of Penguin City, he gets an email from Agent Unknown explaining if he interacts with an enemy. He will have to fight it in a turn-based battle. He also explains he can use the RPA Laptop to get information about enemies. He then shows the player where the Robber Index is.

NOTE: To bring up the Robber Index, the player can bring up the menu and go to the RPA Laptop page and bring up the "Robber Index" icon. Here you can see all of the enemies you have found and tells the information about it. (The icon won't show up during the Prologue, so you'll only get it during the first chapter onward).

After the introduction, head right and you'll see some CPPD officers. Fight them in a battle for some experience.

NOTE: When fighting in turn based gameplay, you will have four options. You will have Punch, Weapons, Items, and Stradiges. After you attack, the enemy will then attack you. On the top left corner of the screen, you will have your Health Bar and the number of money you have.

It is highly recommended that you fight a new enemy for multiple reasons:

  • You will gain experience and money.
  • You will need to get information about the enemy for the Robber Index especially if your going for a 100% run on this. It is definitely helpful for rarer enemies.

After you defeat them, you will gain more money and some experience points, if you get 100 experience points, you then level up. Keep going to the right, fight another CPPD officer and go into the building to the right where the officer was. If you look around, you will find a hidden lever, if you pull it, then more money will drop down on you and a Health Shake (restores 10 health, but it is used manually).

Exit the building and keep going right until you see the weapons building. Enter the building and here you can buy weapons here. But first you must talk to the storeman first, he says that he will only sell equipment to you, if you're secretly a robber. He will then come up with a price of $1000 to give you the Hover Shoes. You are then given an option to say "Yes" or "No", (obviously you don't have $1000, so keep denying the offer until he offers it for free and accept).

Now you (Agent Club) has the Hover Shoes. The salesman explains to you how to use the Hover Shoes.

NOTE: In order to use the Hover Shoes, simply hold down the R/Y button to hover over the ground, but only for a limited time. Once you hover over the ground, a stamina bar will appear below your Health Bar and will slowly start to deplete while hovering. If it's depleted fully, you'll fall to the ground and may lose some of your health. (Depending on how high you are). Right now, you'll need all the health you can get this early on, so use it sparingly.

The salesman says he's actually working for the RPA undercover and his codename is Agent F. Hover over the ground right here in Agent F's shop to find a Health Shake and a Laser Gun on a ledge, the latter of which is an attack item. Exit the shop and hover over the ground on Agent F's shop roof to find a Robber Grenade, another attack item. During in the game, you'll come across some glowing green circles with an "S" on them. These are save points and will be your only form of saving in the Adventure Mode gameplay. Make sure you save your game when you see them. 

Continue right and you'll see three ledges, two of them have money bags, and one of them has a Penguin Shield. This item creates a barrier around Agent Club himself which can temporally make him invincible for a period of time. At any rate, continue right and you'll find loads of CPPD officers which may be a perfect time to earn some more experience and maybe leveling up.

NOTE: When you get 100 experience points, you will go up a level. You will get automatically get healed and your Health Bar will go up by 5.

There is also a hidden ledge above the building after the CPPD officers, hover over to the ledge to grab another Health Shake. Now hover over to the top of the buildings to get to the rooftops. At the rooftops, continue to go right until you reach a giant pit. Cross it by hovering over it. After that you'll see more CPPD officers, fight them, then go back down to the streets. You'll get to the otherside of the city and continue forward. You'll then see dozens of CPPD officers blocking the way foward, you can fight them but you can use the Penguin Shield avoid getting into fights with them. (However, you won't be able to get more experience points though especially if you haven't leveled up yet). In this next area you'll find a big rainbow glowing circle, this is the goal. But before ending the chapter, hover over the goal and you'll find a chest. Open the chest and you'll find a CPPD officer card. Now head back and go into the circle to clear the level.

Chapter 1-2: The Road Problem

Agent Club gets another email from Agent Unknown saying he is still far from the Omega Tower and more dangerous trails await him. Right at the start, you can find a Heath Shake on a small cliff near a building, grab it. Head on forward, fight some CPPD officers and also SWAT agents. Next go into the outside elevator building and it'll transport you to the rooftops of the city. Up here, you will find a switch in front of a small vent. Hit the switch to create a bridge across the buildings. (There is no possible way to hover over the buildings). Go across the bridge and take the next elevator transport to go down.

Head foward, hover over the gap in the street. If you keep hovering upward you'll find a ledge that has some money. Head back down and drop down to the streets and continue onwards.

In this next area, you'll find the road is blocked off. If you go near the building to your right, there is a outside elevator. Enter it to go to the rooftop. (The building is locked, you can't go through it). On the rooftop, you'll see a open vent cover. Enter it to go into the locked building. Inside you should see a robber on a ledge at the bottom level. Hover on the ledge and talk to the robber, he says his codename is Agent Red. Worrying himself that he can't get down from the ledge. Stand next to him and hover down. (You'll grab him and take him down from the ledge). He explains he was assigned by the RPA to guard the road from the CPPD and only robbers are allowed to cross it. He then asks if your a robber or not. With the options being "Yes"' "No", or "Both". Say "Yes" and he will open the bridge for you. (If you say no or both, he will kick you out of the building, but you can still go back into the building and try again).

Cross the road to head into downtown of Penguin City. Save your progress in the save point. The first building is a robber shop, where you can buy lots of shop items for really cheap prices. The second building isn't all that interesting, but the ledges on the building have money bags on it. Hover to the ledges to get them. Head back between the first and second buildings. Hover on the roof on the first building and get onto the second building with a running jump. (You don't have to hover over them), and hop along on the roofs of the buildings to get a SWAT officer card. Now enter the third building and you'll find a vent cover inside. Enter it.

Inside is an underground section. Hover over the spikes and enter the door and the end. You will find another door atop on a ledge. Hover over it and enter it. The door will now be locked. A cage with a robber is trapped. Open it for Agent Bon Chaos.

Agent Bon Chaos says he has been captured by the CPPD and was trapped due to being a robber in the RPA. He thanks Agent Club for saving him and decides he wants to help him on his mission.

NOTE: Agent Bon Chaos is the second playable character in the game. He is a weapons expert and a scientist. He can use his weapons to take down enemies. (He only has two weapons early on, but you'll get more later). He also has bombs that can blow up cracked walls. He is one the main playable characters that has high attack power but low defense. When he is playable, you can press the R/Y button to make him activate his weapons. You can also switch by pressing R/Y to make him change each weapon he has. Please note that some things may not be damaged.

To get out of here, switch to Agent Bon Chaos and use his bomb attack to blow up the crack in the wall. Exit the room and talk to Agent Green who lives in the fourth house, conveniently enough. He says that you'll need two robbers to get across the road and pass downtown, which sure enough you do. He'll open the bridge for you and gives you a Agent Red & Green card. Now exit the building and pass the road to the goal to end the level.

Chapter 1-3: Uptown of Penguin City

Agent Club and Agent Bon Chaos get another email from Agent Unknown, saying they are close to the Omega Tower. However, they must go through Uptown of Penguin City to get there. He also finds out that Agent Club rescued Agent Bon Chaos. He congratulates them and signs off. Agent Bon Chaos says that the Omega Tower is in the City Square, he also says that it is near the Bon Bread Company HQ is, which is also in the City Square.

After the cutscene, head foward until you get to some money bags and ledges. Hover on top of the ledges to grab the money bags. On the last ledge, you can pick up a Speedy Shake. With the speedy shake, the player's speed doubles, and gains triple the normal amount of experience points and money. You'll find a red switch ahead. A little ahead foward is a CPPD robot. Fight it in a battle and defeat it. Keep going, fight more CPPD robots. Right after the robots, is a building with a ledge. Hover on top of the ledge to find a CPPD robot card. Keep going and you'll see a penguin-robot like enemy. Fight him and gain more experience points, keep going and continue onwards.

In this next area, keep going straight ahead, avoid the SWAT robot's lasers, and keep going until you get to some CPPD officers that have hover shoes. When you hover, they can hover with you. After the tall tower of buildings, you will find a sign that points to a path. Follow it to a sign with writing on it. It says to find red switch and hit it ten times. Head back and backtrack to find the red switch and hit it ten times to make a outside elevator to appear. Enter it.

The elevator will take you to the rooftops, press on ahead, hover over large gaps and use another outside elevator to get back down to the streets. You'll find a CPPD robot, fight it and you'll get to a large pit on the street. Hover over it to get across it. Past here, you should find a ledge and a enclosed switch. Hover to the ledge and switch to Agent Bon Chaos and use his bomb attack to hit and activate the switch. This activates the outside elevator nearby, take it. On the rooftops, head on to find a Health Shake and a save point. Save and then go back down to the streets again to find an empty street.

A cutscene then starts, Agent Club and Agent Bon Chaos see a ship flying towards them. A penguin jumps down on the ground, Agent Club and Agent Bon Chaos realize that it is Agent Mastermind. Agent Mastermind then says to them that they will be no match for them. He then says he was sent by the CPPD to defeat them. Agent Club realizes that Chapa23 sent one of his agents to defeat the RPA agents once and for all. The robbers then say they won't take that risk. However, Agent Mastermind says to them that they will not stop the CPPD no matter what. He then challenges them to a fight. The robbers agree and the battle begins

Mini Boss Information
Agent Mastermind

This battle is fairly easy and not that tough. His Max Health is 20, attack is 2, and defense is 1. He can use his jump attack to stomp you, and can throw UPF bombs at the player. His jump attack does 2 health points and his bomb attack does 3 health points. You can use Agent Bon Chaos to use his weapons to attack him for more damage.

It is recommended to use Agent Bon Chaos for this fight as his attacks are more damageable than Agent Club's

After the fight, a cutscene then starts. Agent Mastermind is knocked out on the ground. He says to them they only got lucky and claims he will definitely defeat them next time. The robbers won't take that risk. Agent Mastermind gets a remote from his pocket and a helicopter flys toward them. He gets on and tells the robbers that they're doomed. The robbers wonder what Chapa23 has in store for them.

After the cutscene, head right and you'll see a Robber Robot item. This attacks enemies ahead of you if you use it. Up ahead you'll see moving platforms across some buildings. If you hover on top of a ledge near them and jump across them, you'll find a sign that tells you to stand on the large platform and press "Y" and "L" at the same time. Go back and head onwards, you'll find more money bags and hovering CPPD officers. Fight them and you'll come across a platform with the Omega symbol on it. As the sign said, press "Y" and "L" at the same time to activate a bridge to the City Square. Go across the bridge and you'll find the goal and end the level.

Chapter 1-4: Omega's Tower

Agent Club and Agent Bon Chaos get one last email from Agent Unknown. He congratulates them for making it to the City Square and reaching the Omega Tower. He then says in order to get the first robber tablet, they need to get to Agent Omega X's private penthouse, which is at the very top of the Omega Tower.

He also says that the tower has a high-tech security system. He warns them if they want to get in, they'll need to find a secret entrance first. Agent Bon Chaos says he remembers a secret entrance tunnel in the Bon Bread Company building which leads to the basement level of the tower. They'll need to find the tunnel if they want to get in.

After the cutscene, you'll find yourself in City Square, which has the Bon Bread Company, the City Hall, and the Puffle Dome, along with other buildings as well. The Omega Tower is in the middle of the square, but you can't get in the front doors, if you try to get in the front doors then lasers will fire at you. (You'll also loose health in the progress). What you need to do is go into the Bon Bread Company building. (You can buy items here) and look for a lever next to shelf. Activate it and a entrance hole will appear in the wall, go through the hole.

Continue crawling through the hole and you'll reach a crack in the wall. Use Agent Bon Chaos's bomb attack to blast through and continue forward. You'll find a dark area when coming out of the hole, you'll find a ledge with a switch on it. Hover over to the ledge and hit the switch. It'll make the lights activate and will lighten the room. You are in the basement of the Omega Tower and you'll also find an elevator. (You couldn't acitvate the elevator when the lights were off). Head in the elevator and you'll reach the first floor of the tower.

A small cutscene begins, Agent Club and Agent Bon Chaos find themselves inside the Omega Tower, they coudn't believe they managed to get in. Agent Bon Chaos says they need to get to the top of the tower and find Agent Omega X's private penthouse quick.

In the tower, head onwards to the door on the right. Inside you'll find two Omega Guards. Fight them for experience. On a desk, you'll find a Omega Key Card (which will be used later). Head back around and go into the elevator to go to the next floor. The next floor has a hallway with flamethrowers. Dodge them as much as you can or you can hover over them. You'll find a locked door at the end of the hall way and another door on top of a ledge. Hover over to the ledge and enter the door. In this small room, avoid the small Omega bots or you can fight them. Climb up and get the key from the chest. Head back and unlock the door.

You'll find a save point, save your game and continue along. Avoid the lava by hovering over and fight the Omega bots afterwards. You'll find two doors. One's locked, so take the top one by hovering on the ledge. You'll come across a room with a high up switch and Omega bots spawning from a machine. You won't be able to reach the switch by hovering, switch to Agent Bon Chaos and use his bomb attack to throw a bomb at the switch. Head back out and backtrack to the lava. Some platforms have appeared with a key, grab the key and use it on the locked door. Upon entering the door, head right and hover over to an area above. You will find a path, follow it and open the chest for a Omega Guard card. Head back and go left this time. You'll find a crack in a wall, so use Agent Bon Chaos to use his bomb attack to blow the wall up. Go in the wall and you'll find a chest with a key inside. Head back and open the locked door in here. Inside, use the elevator to take you higher in the tower. Head left to find a ladder, climb it to find another floor with a switch. Activate the switch to make a giant red switch appear and hundreds of Omega bots. Quickly head to the switch and press it to make the ceiling drop on the robots. Stairs appear and head up to the last section of the tower.

In this next room, you'll see four red switches. Hit them in numerical order to make a giant staircase appear. At the top of the staircase, you'll find a elevator, head inside to go the highest floor of the tower. At the top, you'll find a Health Shake and a save point. Save your game and keep heading right.

A cutscene then starts, Agent Club and Agent Bon Chaos reach Agent Omega X's private penthouse. As they are about to enter it, Agent Omega X appears with a teleporter. The robbers are in shock, Omega X says to them that they were sent by the RPA to grab the robber tablet, however, he won't let that happen. Omega X says he was assigned by Chapa23 to guard the robber tablet from the RPA. The robbers say they don't have time for conversations and just want their tablet back. Omega X is surprised and says to them he'll leave them alone and give it to them. However, before the robbers can grab the tablet, Omega X teleports them to the roof of the tower.

They appear on the roof of the tower where Omega X tells them if they want their tablet back, they will need to fight him first in order to get it. The robbers agree, but Omega X pulls out a remote from his pocket and presses a button. An earthquake starts to shake and a giant robot lands on the roof of the tower. The robbers are shocked to see the giant robot, Omega X says this is the Omega-Bot. He says they'll be no match for the giant powerful robot. He also says that they are doomed no matter what. The robbers say they will not give up, Omega X doubts the reason and gets in the robot to control it. Just then Agent Cool appears with a teleporter, the robbers and Omega X are shocked to see him. Agent Cool says he is surprised to see them at the top of the tower, he finds the robbers they are about to battle Omega X. However, before he leaves he grabs a ray from his pocket and shoots the Omega-Bot, malfunctioning it and knocking Omega X off. Agent Cool says that they will now be helpless against the robot. He leaves and Omega X sees the robot malfunctioning, he teleports away, leaving the robbers to deal with the robot on their own.

Chapter Boss Information

The Omega-Bot may look huge but it's actually fairly easy. Max Health is 30, attack is 3, and defense is 2. The robot can swoop down at you causing 3 damage. He can also fire lasers that can deal 4 damage points. Normal attacks won't damage him at all because of his defense. It has quite a bit of defense but using Agent Bon Chaos's bomb attack can damage him quite easily.

His antenna is his weak-point, you can damage his antenna to cause a lot of damge. After about half of his health has gone down, he will send in mini Omega-bots to help him out. The mini bots have a Max Health of 2 and can cause 1 damage point, making them notably weak. Repeat the process of attacking the antenna until he loses all of his health.

A cutscene starts, the Omega-Bot explodes into pieces. The robbers celebrate but they find out that they haven't found the missing tablet yet. An elevator shows up on the roof, Agent Bon Chaos says maybe they should check the private penthouse to see if they can find anything.

Enter down the elevator, you'll end up back to the entrance of the private penthouse. Use the Omega Key Card to unlock the door, a cutscene then starts.

The robbers make it in to Omega's private penthouse. Inside they find the robber tablet, however, Omega X appears with a teleporter. He stops them from getting it. He says to them they are not allowed to have it, under any circumstances. The robbers agree but the robbers run over to Omega X and attack him. He is then shown flying out of his tower. The robbers celebrate and take the tablet back to the RPA HQ. The cutscene then ends along with the chapter.

Chapter 1 - Interlude

After when you save your game, a cutscene with Chapa23 and the CPPD starts. Chapa23 finds out that the robbers defeated Agent Mastermind and got the first robber tablet. Agent Mastermind apologizes for the failure but asks if he can defeat them again. Chapa23 says he should take a rest and he'll find someone else to do the job. Chapa23 leaves and Agent 300 (Now working for the CPPD) also leaves to take care some of the captured RPA agents.

After the cutscene, the player finds Agent Nintendo captured in a prison in the CPPD HQ. Agent Nintendo wakes up to find himself in the CPPD HQ. He recalls various things to what had happened about the RPA. Suddenly two RPA robbers walk to Agent Nintendo's cage. They tell him about how the CPPD will destroy the RPA soon, the two robbers say they haven't have much time. They unlock Agent Nintendo's cell door with a stolen key and say some of the RPA robbers are brainwashed, the two robbers tell him that they need to get out of here now.

You then take control of Agent Nintendo here, with Agent Nintendo, if you press R/Y, he can use a submarine shield, if you press A, he will use his ray gun to attack enemies. Enter the door to your right, you are then taken to an overhanging balcony, above where the two brainwashed RPA robbers are convincing the other normal robber. He refuses, then Agent 300 comes in and shoots the robber with a ray gun, brainwashing him. They leave and you'll regain control of Agent Nintendo. Enter the door to your far left and continue left and go down to the first flight of stairs. Enter the first door you see and you'll come to a long hallway until you meet a dead end. The robber with Agent Nintendo says they should turn back and find a different exit. When they are about to, Agent 300 and brainwashed RPA agents greet you on your only way out. He then shoots his ray gun to brainwash your last robber pal. Agent 300 says he is surprised to see Agent Nintendo manage his way out of his cell. However, he then says he'll brainwash him so he can finish his job. However, Agent 300 is mysteriously warped out of there, escaping, leaving Agent 300 baffled.

After the small intermission, you'll then see a black screen with an anonomous character talking:

"All the penguins in Antarctia will meet their doom soon. They will now suffer like any other place had been. They will soon be destroyed and be vanquished by me...That day will be your doom. However, it is not time yet."

Agent Club and Agent Bon Chaos are then shown walking back to the RPA HQ with the first tablet. Agent Bon Chaos says they need to tell Agent Unknown about Omega's defeat and the CPPD. Save and enter the RPA HQ and a cutscene then starts.

As Agent Club and Agent Bon Chaos enter the HQ, Agent Unknown walks over to them to tell them how they've done. Agent Club says they've beaten Omega and got the first robber tablet. Agent Unknown says he's glad to hear that and tells them to put the tablet into the R.I.O.T Robot Maker 8000. The two robbers agree, however, suddenly an RPA agent runs over to Agent Unknown panicking. Agent Unknown tells him whats wrong. The agent says that he found Agent Nintendo on the roof of the RPA HQ. Agent Unknown is shocked to hear this and tells Agent Club and Agent Bon Chaos to come with them for some help.

Follow Agent Unknown and the agent up to the roof. (You can go there by taking the elevator). On the roof, go to the right and you'll find Agent Unknown, the agent, and Agent Nintendo on the ground. Agent Unknown takes a look at him and tells everyone they need to bring him back to the HQ.

At the HQ, Agent Nintendo is lying on a bed. Agent Bon Chaos says if he's going to be alright. Agent Unknown says he was captured by the CPPD and was one of their prisoners. He doesn't know how he ended up on the roof and tells them that he's unconscious. Agent Club tells Agent Unknown if there's anything they can do to help Agent Nintendo. Agent Unknown says to them if they can find a Life Shake, Agent Nintendo should be able to wake up again.

After the cutscene, head to RPA HQ entrance to go back to Chapter 1-1. Go through the level again until you get to Agent F's shop. (You can also fight the enemies again in the process to gain more experience). Enter Agent F's shop and talk to Agent F to see if he has any Life Shakes. Agent F thinks for a moment but says they'll have to wait until they find some. Exit the shop and re-enter. Talk to Agent F and he says he found some for free. He gives it to you and you now have a Life Shake. Go to the end of the level or open the pause screen and select "End Level". (You can only leave unless you beat the level for the first time). After that you'll end up back at the entrance of the RPA HQ. Enter the HQ and go to Agent Unknown and Agent Nintendo. Press "B" to interact with Agent Nintendo and give him the Life Shake.

Agent Nintendo wakes up and yawns. He sees Agent Unknown, Agent Club, and Agent Bon Chaos. He says what happened to him, Agent Unknown says he was on the roof of the HQ. He also says he needed to get Agent Club and Agent Bon Chaos to wake him up. Agent Nintendo is surprised with this. Agent Club tells him he was captured by the CPPD and are probably capturing robbers as part of their plan. Agent Nintendo tells them what they are up too. Agent Unknown tells them they are currently getting the missing robber tablets so they can power the R.I.O.T. Robot Maker 8000 as the CPPD stole them. Agent Bon Chaos also says the tablets the CPPD stole are probably put into different locations other than Penguin City. So they might need to check other areas as well. Agent Nintendo is surprised with this but asks them if he can join their adventure. Agent Club and Agent Bon Chaos agree and Agent Nintendo joins your team.

NOTE: Agent Nintendo is a playable character. You can fire lasers with his ray gun and use his submarine as a shield. You can also use his submarine to swim through small lakes and watery areas.

Agent Unknown is glad they have a new agent with them. Agent Unknown says to them he'll install a new upgrade patch on the RPA Laptop. He explains the new patch will allow Agent Club and his friends to teleport to previous areas faster. (You can now go back to previous chapters without backtracking to them, it'll save you lots of time). Agent Unknown tells them to come to the meeting room.

At the meeting room, Agent Unknown tells them to take a seat and he activates a remote which makes a map of Antarctica appear. He says the next area they have to go to is San Vancelton. He says it's a city located southeast of Penguin City, it is the second biggest city in the Penguin City Metropolitan Area and also a sister city with Penguin City. He then says there is a robber tablet somewhere in the city and they'll need to grab it before the CPPD stops them. All the agents agree and you'll take control of Agent Nintendo.

Head to the Robot Maker 8000 and put the first robber tablet in and it'll start to shake and the tablet glows. After that, head onwards to the entrance of the HQ. You'll be met with a screen that will also you to either start Penguin City again or San Vancelton. Select San Vancelton and the interlude ends.

Chapter 2 - San Vancelton

A black screen appears on screen with text which reads:

"As the agents took off along with Agent Nintendo, they ran to their next destination. They wondered through Penguin City until they finally met the city gate. They thought to themselves if San Vancelton was pass here. Not knowing the CPPD was watching them, they quickly went pass the gate and met an area that was not part of Penguin City. They realized they were at the Vancelton Outskirts and knew that San Vancelton was just up ahead. They took off and headed for San Vancelton."

Chapter 2-1: Heading to Port Chill

The robbers are somewhere in the Vancelton Outskirts. They find that the place is a watery area and even has a few pools of water. Agent Club gets an email from Agent Unknown saying they have to go to the Vancelton Lighthouse. He says it's the tallest building in the city and he heard there was a tablet somewhere there.

After the small cutscene, head right and step on the treetop in front of the water, switch to Agent Nintendo and use his submarine to swim across to the other side. If you head all the way to the right, you'll be greeted with some ledges. Switch to Agent Club and hover over the ledges to get over the giant rock. After that, you'll see a big arrow telling you to go right, so follow it. Use Agent Nintendo's submarine to swim across the watery pool. Swim all the way to the right and you'll see two doors. The one on the left is locked so go into the right one. You'll see some CPPD officers with submarines. (When you swim with your submarine, they'll swim after you). Fight them for experience. After you fight them, they'll drop a key, grab it, and exit the room and use the key to enter the locked door.



The gameplay will be an RPG Style gameplay; when you interact with an enemy you will battle with the enemy in a turn based battle and options to attack.

Controls (Wii U)

  • Left Analog Stick: Move
  • Right Analog Stick: Camera angle
  • A: Attack/Talk to Penguins
  • B: Interact With Objects
  • L: Jump
  • R: Special Ability

Controls (3DS)

  • Circle Pad: Move
  • A: Attack/Talk to Penguins
  • B: Interact With Objects
  • X: Jump
  • Y: Special Ability
  • L: Camera angle

In the game, you take control of Agent Club who is one of the RPA agents is assigned a Captain ranked superior to the secret agents. a "Robber Penguin Agency agent". Players embark on missions utilizing both familiar and all-new gadgets, accessories, vehicles, and locations to investigate mysterious events on Club Penguin Island. In addition, the game operates with the Nintendo Network system, coins that you earn in the game can be sent to your online penguin from the 3DS.

The game features a Chapter/Stage select screen where previous chapters can be selected. The difficulty can be chosen, and the character(s) will enter the chapter. When a player is on a current chapter, the chapter won't become available until the chapter is fully completed.

When playing chapters for the very first time. (If you delete your previous save file), many cutscenes will pause just before gameplay begins. If the player vists a previous chapter again, the cutscenes will not play again.

Playable Characters

Main Playable Characters

The game has a total of nine main playable characters, not including optional characters.

Character Information
Agent Club

Agent Club is the first/default playable character in the game. He has the most balanced stats out of all the characters. His special ability is using his Hover Shoes. He can hover over gaps and can hover on ledges. He has medium attack power, medium defense and low speed.

Agent Bon ChaosAgent Bon Chaos is a weapons expert and a scientist. He can use his weapons to defeat enemies and can also use his bombs to blow up cracked walls and activate switches. His weapons can take out a high amout of damage, he is one of the characters that has high attack power but low speed and medium defense.
Agent NintendoAgent Nintendo is one of the main playable characters. He has the ability of defense powers and can use a submarine. When in this submarine, he can use it to make a shield for him which enemies can't damage him. He can also use the submarine to swim through small watery areas. He has high defense, medium speed, and low attack.

Boss Battles

There are different types of bosses in this game:

Chapter Bosses

These bosses are usually fought at the end of the chapter. Usually the player cannot continue until the boss is defeated first. When the boss is defeated, the chapter will end. The chapter bosses usually start off easy, but then gradually get harder.

Mini Bosses

These bosses are usually fought in the middle of the chapter and are usually just stronger than a normal enemy. They are not to be confused with Chapter Bosses, which are at the end of the chapter. Mini Bosses also give out more experience points to the player when beaten.

Optional Bosses

These bosses are only for the player's choice, they are not required to be battled, but will give tons of experience points. Some optional bosses are tougher than the game's final boss (Superboss), these boss battles will only be required to be battled if the player is going for a 100% run.


  • When players buy this game, they will receive a free Club Penguin code they can add to their account.
  • It will be released on Wii U & 3DS.
  • This game will be in devloment by Club's Company.



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