Agent Boo A.K.A Boo335 joined on Januray 2, right after the first the of the new year.

"The only thing matters is the mission."Not distractions."

-Agent Boo


Agent Boo joined CP in 2006,October, but he didn't know so much. He got little things and left for sometime. During 2009,October he came back and learned more about it and knew so much about CP. In 2012 he was a EPF Agent,but he was bored of it and didn't get so much money (350 coins really?). So he stayed in it but wasn't on duty. Later he quit the EPF and became a robber. He was really good at it. People say that he has took the first and most secret files that only the EPF's Director,SIC,and TIC can see.So Agent Boo has the real files. The other files are just plain boring old news. Anyways. During 2013 he made squads of robbers and robbed EPF,Pizza Parlor,and many more. During 2014 he needed to take a break, but than he was low on coins! First of all without coins he was going to die! No food,no shelter,no anything! When he was in the PHD, he got a invition from Agent Unknown to join the RPA! He thought about it and said"Ok!".

Agent Boo's Robber Gear

If Agent Boo wants to be a good robber he needs to have gear. Which he got from the EPF during Operation Black Out. First of all he has a helmet. It is 100% bullet proof. Which also has a EPF Badge even know he's not one, it can fool people thinking that he is a EPF Agent when he is not. Second is his backpack. His backpack contains water bottles,his wallet(Of course),weapons,explosives,ammo and other useful items.Their is a mini jetpack under his backpack as well. Thrid is his goggles. His goggles protect him from snow,water,and more. He can also make them into night vision goggles and zoom in to stuff like a telescope.Fourth is his bulletproof vest.Fifth, In his hand is a bow and arrow. He uses this weapon a lot. Last is his boots. His boots can become into skates,sleds,and floaters.His boots don't squeak as well.


*He is good at opening anything that's locked

* He is a master at robbing and skills

* He knows the weak spots of penguins

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