Agent Bon Chaos's Ghost Armor
Ghost Armor
Invented by Agent Bon Chaos
Damaged by None
Located In Agent Bon Chaos' bloodstream

Agent Bon Chaos's Ghost Armor is a extremly powerful set of Armor created and used by Agent Bon Chaos. It was created by a accidental experiment in RPA Labs on August 29, 2014.


On August 31, 2014, Bon Chaos was creating some basic armor and weapons for the RPA. But due to him spilling a unknown substance he found in the Engine Room during Operation: Music onto one of the weapons and Armor pieces, the sword and armor morphed to him! He couldn't get it off. When he went to rob the Pizza Parlor later that day, the Club Penguin Police Department were their to greet him. When he went to battle the CPPD in the Ghost Armor and the sword stuck onto him, he absolutely DEMOLISHED them. He then managed to make a experiment on himself even later that day to put the armor and sword into his bloodstream, meaning he can transform into the Ghost Armor and use the Buster Blade whenever he wanted! He now lives on with those abilities within.


During the Ghost Armor, Bon has many new abilities including: 


Increased Strength 

In the Ghost Armor, Bon Chaos is alot stronger.


Bon Chaos can fly natrullay with it on.

Ghost Shield

In the Armor, Bon can create a super-natural shield that protects him from almost everything.

Super Speed 

In the form, Bon can move at super human speeds and can use moves such as a Boost and Dash Attack.

Intergaltic Chains

In the form he can shoot unbreakable purple chains.

Various Powerful Projectiles

In the form Bon can shoot various projectiles including:




Pyschic Balls

And more.

Pyshic Powers

In the form, he has use of pyshic powers such as being able to lift things with his mind.

Energy Cube

In the form, Bon can shoot a special industructable from the inside cube that once shot, the enemy gets stuck in a see-through purple cube that sucks the energy from the enemy and when the enemy stuck inside tries to attack, the attack is defelcted and hit back at them (even basic attacks such as punches). Once the cube is done its job, the enemy inside faints and is defeated.

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