Agent 300 (Wikiadude12) is a former agent of the Pookie Hater Defense, Robber Penguin Agency and the Chick Protection Program, he was a former director for the Chick Protection Program until he decided to quit, Agent Slash took his place. He is ranked #1on the RPA Most Wanted List.


Joining Pookie Hater Defence and Robber Penguin Agency

On September 4, 2014, Agent 300 found the Pookie Hater Defence and immediately wanted to join to show his hate for pookies, after he got accepted into the agency, and became an elite agent. On the same day, he found the Robber Penguin Agency and got accepted there too, he robbed many places to get equipment for the PHD and RPA.

Creation of the Chick Protection Program and Getting Fired From Pookie Hater Defence and Robber Penguin Agency

On September 10, 2014, Agent 300 created the Chick Protection Program, an agency which Unknown planned to create for weeks. Furious at Agent 300, he told him that it was unfair that he stole the idea. Agent 300 then started shouting, swearing, bullying and abusing Agent Unknown. Everyone including Omega X started defending Agent Unknown and the RPA. He insulted everyone and tried to frame AU but nobody believed him. He later got fired for being disrespectful and framing other agents. He received a ban from the PHD and started torturing Agent Club until he unbanned him. He later started attacking both agencies for revenge which resulted in him getting fired from the PHD rather than getting banned from it for a limited time.

He began to plan his revenge, they never seen him after September 17, 2014 but nobody got suspicious that he was up to anything.

Revenge on Agent Unknown and Agent Club

In the summer of 2015 he came back and revealed that he had been an undercover agent for the E.P.F the whole time. He teamed up with Agent Cool for a time because of their shared hatred for Agent Unknown. They began to form an army to stop unknown but cool accidently revealed it and their plan was busted. In mid 2016 cool was back and along with other enemies of unknown like Ballano and he once again attempted to get revenge on unknown. However by the time 300 considered joining the RPA had already uncovered the scheme and shut it down. He also brought Club to justice. This severly damaged the PHD and led to its decline and eventual loss of power. Even though some PHD agents are still at large the PHD has become inactive and is no longer the major power it once was. Shortly after the formation of the second anti unknown army Agent Unknown was arrested and Justice was finally served.


  • He was banned from the PHD and RPA due to blackmailing, causing flame wars, etc.
  • He knows agent Unknowns real name.