Agency Infinity is an upcoming action-adventure sandbox video game developed and published by Unknown's Company and Flaming Wishes Inc..

Consoles Available To Play It On

Playable Characters


Omega X

Agent Unknown

Individual Figures


Omega X

Saturn, Mercury

Limited Edition

On October 10, 2015, Limited Edition figures were confirmed for release.

Omega X the Hedgehog (Trilogy of Fate)

Omega X wearing the Time Travelling Paradox Protection Suit from Omega X: Trilogy Of Fate.

Element: Time

Unique powers:

  • Time Reversion (temporarily paralyzes enemies)
  • Hacking Mode (increases attack and defense against technology-based enemies only)
  • Interface Shield (temporarily increases defense)
  • Paradox (wipes out all enemies from the area)

Natural Skill: Time Travel (increases maximum evasion)

Inactivity Animation: Omega X looks at himself for a second, looks at his Interface and says "Hey, wasn't this adventure already over? Why am I still in the suit?" before crossing his arms and saying "Well, let's have some fun while I'm still wearing it. Oh, yeah." and returning to his normal stance.

Movement Method: Omega X uses his Time Reversion skill on himself, allowing him to fly (or rather, float) around.

How to Get: Participate in the Omega X: Trilogy of Fate/Agency Infinity crossover event in the Omega X videogame saga's official website and input the exclusive code that you get if you're a winner.

Agent Titanium (Android Mode)

Agent Titanium in his Android Mode.

Element: Technology

Unique powers:

  • Android Rampage (reveals his Android weapons and starts firing upon enemies)
  • Self-repair (slowly recovers HP, but is vulnerable to attacks)
  • Automated Defenses (temporarily increases defense but lowers attack)
  • Robbermageddon (powerful attack that covers a wide area, takes out all enemies in the area)

Natural Skill: Upgrade (increases maximum attack and defense power)

Inactivity Animation: Agent Titanium takes out an Android phone from his pocket and says "You call yourself an Android? I am a true Android!", throws the phone to the floor, stomps it and returns to his normal stance.

Movement Method: Agent Titanium activates his Rocket Boots, allowing him to fly.

How to Get: Win the Agent Titanium (Android Mode) Contest hosted by the RPA and exchange the code given to you if you win.

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