The Adventure Mode is an option on the main menu in RPA: The Ultimate Battle. In this mode, Omega X makes a plan with many of the RPA's enemies called D.E.S.T.R.O.Y and the RPA must find out what's going on and put a stop to it. It has 10 chapters altogether.



Prologue - Making A Plan

A cutscene starts showing an unknown hedgehog drinking chocolate milkshake and someone walking in. He asks the hedgehog if he would like to come and have a meeting with a few others. The hedgehog reveals himself to be Omega X the Hedgehog! He walks into the meeting room and he is told that they will discuss something. It is revealed to be a plan to defeat the RPA called D.E.S.T.R.O.Y which stands for "Defeating Stupid Terrible Robbers On Yuniverse" (The Y is silent). They decide to start thinking of ideas. Agent Nugget suggests that Techno invades their HQ and steals their data and uses it against them. Blacksaber suggests that he uses his Saber Arm but Omega X comes up with what may be the best plan he's had in ages. He suggests that he get into his Ninja outfit, sneaks into their HQ, attacks it, captures all of the agents except Agent Unknown, Agent Bon Chaos, Agent Brohoof and Agent Nintendo, then lock them up in cages and then it will be time to Destroy! Everyone agrees with it and then they decide to pull it off the next day. The meeting ends and everyone leaves the room, they leave to get a snack but Omega X leaves to get prepared. The cutscene then ends.

Chapter 1 - The Attack

In the Robber Penguin Agency HQ, the RPA are working on some inventions when suddenly, a mysterious noise comes from the RPA Labs, but nobody from the RPA is in there. A cutscene then starts. Agent Unknown goes down there to check it but he can't see where the noise is coming from. He gets suspicious and worries when a Ninja sneaks into the HQ upstairs and a lot of banging happens, which causes Unknown to run upstairs and find out what is happening. When he gets there, he finds out that the entire HQ is destroyed and the only agents left are Unknown himself, Bon Chaos, Brohoof and Nintendo. They decide to clean up the HQ and then set out to save the agents. The cutscene then ends.

After going through 8 levels, the agents end up at the UPF HQ and go inside, they find all of the Ultimate Penguin Force's technology and get suspicious. Agent Bon Chaos finds a mysterious object and goes over to it and wipes the dust off of it and discovers that it's an Ultimate Penguin Bomb, a powerful object which can be used to destroy anything, small or large. They decide to leave and experiment it but before they can leave, the door closes and gets locked and the agents are almost shot by a fire beam which is revealed to be coming from one of Agent Mastermind's machines, he comes out and reveals himself and challenges the RPA to a fight which they accept. The cutscene then ends and they battle.

Boss Battle - Agent Mastermind

This battle is kinda easy, you have to run all around the HQ using your Anti-Gravity shoes and avoid his attacks, if he shoots fire at you then use your boost speed to dodge it but don't go too far with it or you'll get damaged. For each quarter of his health he loses, the more stronger he will get. After 75 percent of his health is gone, he'll start using every attack his machine has simultaneously and the only way to defeat him is to jump onto the top of his machine and Ground Pound at least 3 times. After this, a cutscene then starts showing him flying out of the HQ. The 4 agents take the bomb and head back to the HQ, the cutscene then ends along with the chapter.

Chapter 2 - Research and Power

A cutscene starts showing Agent Unknown, Agent Bon Chaos, Agent Brohoof and Agent Nintendo doing some research on the Ultimate Penguin Bomb and doing some science experiments on it. Bon Chaos discovers that the bomb was made to destroy all enemies to the UPF and anyone who tries to destroy it will be attacked with either lasers, guns, anything that will destroy their enemies. It can only be stopped from doing this by collecting the D3PO Formula. This will destroy the bomb's engines and will blow up anyone who is a enemy to super villians. The people who keeps the formula are discovred to be Jonathan, Edward and Thomas. The 3 top police officers on Club Penguin Island. They must be defeated in Penguin City in order to obtain the formula. The four agents set out to obtain the formula in order to destroy the bomb.

A cutscene starts. After getting through a few levels in Penguin City, the four find themselves at the PCPD HQ and walk inside. They spot a scanner which will scan their badges to see if it is fake or not. They get into their Police Officer Disguise and one by one scan their badges and get inside. They ask a worker if they can see Jonathan, Edward and Thomas which he replies with "Yes". They go to Room 38 and find the 3 officers. They immediately realise their disguises and get out their handcuffs. They plan their escape quickly and the plan goes into action. They escape in a high-speed chase with the robbers using Agent Unknown's Aston Martin DB5 and the 3 agents using their Police Car. Agent Unknown loses control of the car and it crashes into a bridge. The agents try using the parachute to survive but it only lands them even quicker so they use the submarine mode to drive underwater but they're not the only ones with that ability. Yep, Jonathan, Edward and Thomas have that too on their police car. When they escape the water, they have to get back to Penguin City safely without getting damaged but both are on low fuel so one car will have to drown. They both push each other out of the way but the fuel runs out thanks to them damaging each other's vehicles. They manage to escape quickly from the vehicles but they push it up from underwater to stop it from drowning. Then the RPA use their Gliders to glide back to Penguin City safely but Edward gets a gun and shoots the gliders down and then all three swim underwater to kill them. The cutscene then ends.

Boss Battle - Jonathan, Edward and Thomas

This battle is really hard so you have to be careful. You have to swim with Agent Unknown's Aston Martin DB5 back to Penguin City safely. There is a camera focusing on what's behind you so you'll know when to dodge the bullets that the police officers may shoot at you. If the car is hit by a bullet 5 times then you lose the battle. In order to attack the three officers, you must follow controls when they shoot a bullet then use the car to swing it back at them. The better you do, the harder it gets. If you damage the officers 5 times then they are thrown into the air and an explosion occurs ending the battle.

A cutscene starts showing Jonathan, Edward and Thomas getting blown up and shot back to the Penguin City Police Department. Once the robbers get back to land, they decide to steal a tow truck so they can get back to Club Penguin Island and fix the car. Agent Unknown tells Agent Bon Chaos and Agent Brohoof to get the D3P0 Formula at the PCPD HQ while himself and Nintendo search for a tow truck to steal. While getting the D3P0 Formula, Agent Brohoof discovers some files talking about a scheme called D.E.S.T.R.O.Y which most of it explains the RPA. Suspicous, Brohoof takes it and the formula back to the RPA HQ ending the cutscene and the chapter.

Chapter 3 - Police Travel

Agent Unknown is busy fixing his Aston Martin DB5 while Agent Nintendo is sipping his tea. Meanwhile, Agent Bon Chaos just returns with a bag full of Bon-Bons while Agent Brohoof gives the D3P0 Formula to Unknown and shows him the files that she found in the PCPD HQ. After reading it, Unknown decides to find out what it means. He tells Agent Nintendo to come with him which he does while Agent Brohoof stays with Bon Chaos. While travelling to Police World, a penguin dressed as a robber breaks out of the Penguin City Police Department and flies over to Unknown and Nintendo who reveals himself to be....Agent Club!!. He asks if he can join them on their journey which they allow him. The three of them use their Hover Shoes to get to Police World.

A cutscene starts after finishing the second stage. It shows Chapa23 in his apartment at Police World, he is just about to go to sleep but an explosion occurs outside. He checks outside his window and spots three robbers burning down a building (Unknown whether they are RPA Agents or not) which he rushes out to save the people inside and arrest the robbers. He manages to save the citizens but the robbers escape. Chapa suspects that the RPA were behind this so he gets on his motorbike and rushes to Club Penguin Island. The cutscene then ends.

A cutscene starts later on before fighting Chapa which shows him just arriving at Club Penguin Island, he gets off his motorbike and searches for the RPA HQ. He finds a hill with a sign saying "DO NOT COME UP HERE!" which he obviously wants to ignore so he does, after climbing up the hill, he spots an igloo which he suspects is the RPA HQ and breaks himself inside. However it isn't the RPA at all, it's just a mumu feeding her pookie, before he can ask her about the sign she grabs Chapa and throws him down the hill. Chapa decides to go back to Police World so he gets on his motorbike and drives back there while Agent Unknown, Agent Nintendo and Agent Club (Earth-96284) are almost there. They finally make it to Police World but they can't find Chapa. Suddenly, he just returns and spots the RPA Agents and gets his taser. They use the Hover Shoes to fly away from him. Angered, he borrows a pair from the Shoeshop and flies after them. They go at Turbo speed while he goes at Maximum Turbo. The RPA prepare to fight him and then find out what D.E.S.T.R.O.Y means. The cutscene then ends.

Boss Battle - Chapa23

This boss is harder than the Agent Mastermind one but easier than the three CPPD officers one so this should be 50% out of 100% easy and hard. Anyway, you are flying through Police World while Chapa is chasing you like a hawk. You have to follow controls to get through the obstacles in your path, if Chapa catches you three times (Since you can only play as three characters throughout this whole battle), you lose but if you can manage to follow the controls to go "Up", then press "B" to dash down very quickly and kick him in the back 3 times, you have defeated him. He then will get injured so much that he loses control of his Hover Shoes and they break and he falls into the lake ending the battle. A cutscene then starts.

Chapa is once again shown falling into the lake (He didn't drown though) while the RPA celebrate their victory but they didn't find out what D.E.S.T.R.O.Y means, they go to a Police Officer and ask him what D.E.S.T.R.O.Y means which he refuses to tell them while other officers say the same thing. This gets the RPA even more suspicous. They fly back to the RPA HQ which the scene cuts to the RPA HQ which shows Agent B (who turned up while the other three agents were away), Agent Brohoof and Agent Bon Chaos are playing a video game with the Wii U (rumored to be Mario Kart 8) while Brohoof just recieves a notification on her Robber Phone. It's a message from Unknown saying that everyone is refusing to tell them what the suspicous acronym means. Agent Brohoof says that she will try and find out what it means the next day and she will threaten everyone who refuses to tell her with the Tacobot. Unknown says "Ok!" and says bye to her while she says bye back. She then puts down her Wii Wheel while Agent B asks "Where're you going?" which she replies with "I have somewhere to go to". She leaves the HQ closing the door while Bon and B just decide to do 2-player multiplayer on the game they are playing now ending the cutscene and the chapter.

Chapter 4 - Blacksaber Returns

A cutscene starts. Agent Unknown, Agent Nintendo and Agent Club return to the HQ only to discover that Brohoof isn't there. Worried, Agent Nintendo suspects that the people who captured the other agents kidnapped her and panics. Agent Club gets him to calm down and Bon explains that she left to go somewhere. Just noticing that Agent B had returned, Agent Unknown asked him about why she left. He said that she had to go somewhere but didn't explain why. Agent Nintendo decides to follow her while Agent Unknown and Agent Club decide to keep an eye on the HQ. When Nintendo just leaves, Unknown and Club decide to grab a Wii Wheel and play multiplayer with Bon Chaos and B. The scene goes to Agent Brohoof's location where she is trying to find out more about D.E.S.T.R.O.Y. Agent Nintendo just arrives to meet her. She asks him why he followed her and he said he's trying to help. The two then spot a shadow that looks like of Omega X's friends who is then revealed to be Blacksaber! Nintendo notices him and discovers that he is the one who he met before. A flashback occurs to when Agent Nintendo was robbing the Coffee Shop and when he was just about to escape, Blacksaber just arrived and decided to stop Nintendo. After a long fight, Nintendo was injured with his Saber Hand which caused some blood to come out of his head and beak (Explains why the game is rated 12). He managed to escape but he was injured a lot and had to rest for at least a week. Agent Nintendo got out his gun and attempted to shoot him. He pulled the trigger but Blacksaber destroyed the bullet with his Saber Hand and then he shot a bolt of lighting at both Nintendo and Brohoof, they manged to dodge it. Suddenly, Blacksaber jumped high up into the air and flew away. Nintendo and Brohoof decided to get their revenge on him and rushed into Blacksaber Town. The cutscene then ends.

A cutscene starts showing Blacksaber Town with Blacksaber flying straight back to his castle, Blacksaber Castle. Agent Brohoof and Agent Nintendo spot him, get their Hover Shoes out and fly after him. He notices them then stops, when they fly past him, he gets his Saber Hand out and attempts to kill them. The two fly away super fast by Blacksaber catches up on them, when the two are about to reach a building with Blacksaber right behind them so they pull up a trick out of their sleeves and turn left and fly away while Blacksaber crashes into the building. The people in the building get an ambulance and take him to Blacksaber Hospital. After a lot of operations, he was going to be okay but his eyes suddenly turned red for a second but they turn back to the original colour they were after he blinks. The cutscene then ends.

After beating 3 more levels, a cutscene starts showing Blacksaber (Earth-55481) trying to find Agent Nintendo and Agent Brohoof so he can get his revenge on them, he has an army with him so they'll be able to help him find them and kill them. Agent Nintendo and Agent Brohoof are trying to find people who know something about D.E.S.T.R.O.Y, after looking for 30 minutes, they spot someone who looks at them and then looks straight away. They go over to him and ask if he knows anything about D.E.S.T.R.O.Y and he says that he does but won't tell them. Agent Brohoof gets out the Tacobot and threatens him saying that she will command it to attack him if he refuses to tell them what it means. Before he can tell her, Blacksaber's Army jumps in with a Saber Gun, they aim a lazer at Agent Brohoof but she manages to dodge it twice, then they aim it at Agent Nintendo and once they pull the trigger, he panics not knowing what to do. Determined to not betray her friend, she pushes him out of the way and it results in her getting hit by it causing her to get knocked unconscious. Angry and furious feeling like he needs to kill someone, Agent Nintendo tries to grab one of the Saber Guns and kill the army for revenge, before he can attempt to get one, Blacksaber shows up and explains why he wanted to kill them. After he does, Nintendo calls him a stupid idiot and threatens him saying that he will be history. Before he can try to kill hil, he gets out a Saber Gun and tries to shoot Agent Nintendo, he manages to dodge every attack and then he runs away using his Master Speed. Determined to capture him, Blacksaber and his army chase after him using the Master Speed too. The real fight between them is about to begin. The cutscene then ends.

Boss Battle - Blacksaber

This battle is extremely difficult so you have to be extremely careful. Anyway, you're running away from Blacksaber and his army through Blacksaber Town. Every 5 seconds he'll launch an attack on you and you will have 3 seconds to put in the controls to dodge it, every 3 attacks he gives you and you miss, you'll get a chance to attack him. Press either A+B or X+Y simultaneously to launch an attack on Blacksaber, but you only have 5 seconds to do it. If you don't get it done in time, you'll miss the chance to attack and instead, he will attack you without you and it will be impossible to dodge it (unless you hack the game or a glitch occurs). The more damage he takes, the stronger he'll get and the more hard it'll be to defeat him. If you manage to damage 75% of his health bar, he'll start to launch every attack of his simultaneously and you will need to get every control entered correctly in order to dodge it, there is no time limit for his simultaneous attacks (thank goodness because otherwise you'd obviously lose) but if you miss one of the controls, he'll launch all of his attacks on you at the same time. If you manage to dodge his attacks, you'll have a chance to launch a huge attack on him which is so strong that it could possibly kill him (though if he is attacked, he won't be killed). Once you launch the attack on him, he'll be defeated immediately and so will his army. A cutscene then starts.

Blacksaber is shown getting knocked onto the ground and Agent Nintendo laughs evily saying he deserved it for hurting one of the top agents of one of his home agencies. Blacksaber says that he'll get his revenge someday. Agent Nintendo grabs a Saber Gun and shoots Blacksaber. He then walks back to where Agent Brohoof is and tells her that Blacksaber was defeated. They decide to try and find the person from earlier which they decide to do. After a long time of searching, Agent Brohoof unleashes the Tacobot on him and forces him to tell them what D.E.S.T.R.O.Y means which he reveals his answer but it isn't shown. Out of anger and offence and not being able to control her temper, Brohoof shoots the person (not shown to prevent game rating from going to 18+) and returns with Agent Nintendo to Club Penguin. The cutscene then ends and so does the chapter.

Chapter 5 - Game Of Clones

A cutscene starts revealing that Agent Brohoof and Agent Nintendo discovered the meaning of D.E.S.T.R.O.Y and returned back to the RPA HQ offended. Agent Unknown asked what was wrong and after they told him the meaning of it then he went into a rage and then he went to the 3rd floor of the HQ. Agent Nintendo and Agent Club followed him and they discovered that he was was holding a gun and aiming at himself. Determined to stop the RPA from ending, they ran over to him and destroyed the gun. After a long argument between Unknown, Club and Nintendo, Agent Unknown got a notification on his Robber Phone and discovered that in Opposite World, there was a hidden power that was going to be taken into their world and they would use it to destroy all of the villians in the world including the RPA. Agent Unknown obviously wasn't going to allow this to happen so he sent Nintendo and Club to Opposite World to destroy the hidden power. After they left, Unknown went back to the main floor of the RPA HQ. The cutscene then ends.

A cutscene starts after about 4 more levels showing Agent Club and Agent Nintendo running through Opposite World but they are slowed down by something. Then 2 people who look exactly like them run above them. Then they crash straight into the ground and then crash straight back up and knock them onto the ground. It is revealed to be Agent Bulc and Agent Odnetnin, clones of Agent Club and Agent Nintendo. It turns into a big fight but when Agent Club is about to kick Agent Bulc in the face then Bulc dodges it and then grabs his foot and throws him far away, then Agent Nintendo throws a bomb at both of them but it causes no damage even though it hits them and explodes. Then they get out a bomb each and throw them at Agent Nintendo knocking him far away too. The two clones, thinking they had won the battle, ran away back to where they came from but little did they know that Club and Nintendo had used their gliders to land safely. They were determined to get revenge on them so they ran away to find them. The cutscene then ends.

A cutscene starts after 3 more levels showing Agent Club and Agent Nintendo in the middle of nowhere in Opposite World. They start looking for Agent Bulc and Agent Odnetnin when suddenly, a big bang crashes into the middle of the ground causing them to fall into the ground. It's Bulc and Odnetnin and they are trying to shoot lazers at Club and Nintendo! They manage to dodge them but before they can try to attack their clones, the rock they are on seperates into three small rocks. This results in it being harder to defeat them. Suddenly, Bulc throws a shell (shaped like the ones from the recent Super Mario games) at Club he manages to jump on it, grab it and throw it back at Bulc knocking him onto the rock. This results in a battle which ends the cutscene.

Boss Battle - Agent Bulc/Agent Odnetnin

These bosses are a little complicated, because they will mirror your every single move and, when their moves impact yours, none will suffer damage. Fortunately, the scenario is not symmetric, so you can grab items and throw them at the bosses. Also, an exclusive feature for this double boss battle is that you can switch between the boss battles (Agent Bulc-Agent Club/Agent Odnetnin-Agent Nintendo) with SELECT. The boss battle ends when both bosses are KOed. Agent Bulc specializes in using the Hover Boots, while Agent Odnetnin is better at using his Future Laser Gun. Once you've defeated both bosses, a cutscene then starts.

The clones will fall to the floor, saying it is impossible for any of the sides to win, as they're exact clones of Club and Nintendo. They (Club and Nintendo) say that no one can match the RPA. Suddenly, an electricity sound effect is heard, and it is seen that Club and Nintendo are being hit with tasers that paralyze them. The clones take this chance to run, and Club and Nintendo faint. Two hours later, they're in the RPA HQ's Medical Room's beds, with Agent Unknown sitting between their beds. Unknown tells them that they were hit by tasers, and that a mysterious someone who saw it all alerted Omega X, who eventually found them fainted and took them to the RPA HQ. Unknown says that Omega X is waiting outside, but when the three of them go to see him, they only find a note saying "i have omega if u wanna see him alive again u need to give up the destroy mission" with weird-caligraphy-written letters. Nintendo asks what to do, but Unknown says that they ignore it, and he adds that he doesn't care about what happens to Omega X as he's not a RPA Agent. The camera then moves to a dark building with only one working bulblight and Omega X tied to a chair. He keeps saying that it doesn't matter who kidnapped him because he'll escape in no time, but a shady figure tells him that he's the key to stop Unknown and the RPA from investigating Operation: D.E.S.T.R.O.Y and that he can do nothing to prevent it. Omega X says that he'd rather die first. Then, the shady figure takes out a gun. A shot is heard and the shadow of a chair falling to the floor with someone on it is seen (the someone is not seen to prevent +18 rating). The cutscene then ends.

Chapter 6 - Shadow the World

A cutscene starts. After Agent Nintendo and Agent Club are better and are allowed to rob again, they decide to rob the Coffee Shop. They go there and steal loads of Coffee Beans and then run back to the HQ. They make lots of bags of Coffee and then have a relaxing morning. Then they turn on the news and discover that someone was killed at a dark building the previous night with a gunshot blown through the head and blood everywhere (blood not shown to prevent game rating from going to +16), the person is revealed to have been wearing a Spain T-Shirt, Blue Sneakers and a bluetooth headset. Agent Unknown is watching the exact same show in his office and gets suspicious that it was Omega X who got murdered. He rushes out of his office and then he gets into a Police Officer disguise and runs straight out to find out who got murdured. It is then revealed that Omega X had been the criminal and was sent out to be arrested. Club and Nintendo are shocked saying that Omega would never do something like that. Unknown gets there to the scene and gets inside the building. He runs up to the room and spots a hedgehog looking person. As Omega X and Unknown prepare to fight, a shadow looking clone of Agent Unknown grabs him and bashes him into the ground taking him through a portal. When they get through the poral, the shadow clone has escaped and Unknown is determined to find him and bring him down. The cutscene then ends.

After getting through four stages, a cutscene starts showing Agent Unknown finding himself at a strange place, he discovers that he's in Shadow World, a world where it features Shadow clones of everyone from other dimensions. Unknown suspects that he is in another dimension and tries to escape, just before he can, he hears a voice that sounds exactly like his, he turns around to discover that it is a shadow version of himself. Unknown asks him if he can help him escape but the shadow clone gets out a sword and attacks him with it. He says that he knows that he's trying to stop Omega X from stopping the RPA and he won't allow them to win. He says that he's on Omega X's team to help erase the RPA from existence. Unknown says that he won't be able to do that but the clone says that they'll see about that. The clone throws the sword straight at him but he dodges it, then 3 more swords appear out of nowhere and it is a bit more difficult for him. Then the Shadow Agent Unknown chuckles and runs away using the Master Speed power. Unknown follows him using the same power. Since they're at the same speed and Shadow Agent Unknown is ahead of him, there's no chance of catching him but that doesn't stop Unknown from giving up. He leaps towards him and is just about to grab his back and throw him to the ground but the Shadow Clone uses Telekinesis and grabs him and throws him away. Unknown lies back just to watch the shadow clone of himself get away. Unknown is determined to not let his new enemy get away but he has no chance of catching him now since he is extremely far away. Unknown runs back and says before leaving that he will catch him and they will fight and he will get back to his own dimension. The cutscene then ends.

Later on after beating 3 more acts in Shadow World, a cutscene starts showing Agent Unknown running through the world and then a huge object flies at him, he manages to dodge it but 5 more objects try to hit him too but he dodges them aswell. He runs away using his Master Speed ability and it shows that Shadow Agent Unknown is chasing after him using the Master Speed too. Then, he uses Telekinesis to grab more objects to attack him but he is too far away so he just teleports over to him and throws what he has in his hand at Agent Unknown damaging him. It sends him flying back far away and the Shadow AU teleports over to the original AU and grabs him, then strangles him to the point of where he has received so much pain that he can't keep fighting him. Then suddenly, a lazer hits the Shadow clone's hand knocking him back and damaging him. It is seen to be by one of the Shadow Archers who were meant to hit an object behind them but they didn't have a steady hand before getting prepared to fire. This gives the original Agent Unknown to escape. He uses the Master Speed and Teleportation to get away from his Shadow Clone but the Shadow AU gets up and teleports after him blowing up the road which the original AU is on. The cutscene then ends.

Boss Battle - Shadow Agent Unknown

This boss is sort of difficult as the road is collapsing and you need to keep running with the Master Speed while avoiding Shadow Agent Unknown's attacks. The Shadow AU has the same power as Agent Unknown so you should be able to defeat him easily as Agent Unknown (anybody else, it might take a while). Anyway, when he uses his Hot Flipper, move to the left or right to dodge it as it always happens in the middle of the road. When he uses his Cold Flipper, do the same as the Hot Flipper. When he uses Telekinesis, dodge the spot where he uses it in. When he uses Ice Breath/Heat Breath, dodge the spot(s) where he uses it in. When he turns invisible, use your Invisibility power (double tapping R) in order to turn Invisible too allowing yourself to see him then attack him. When he uses Zap Shot, dodge the parts that he uses this skill on. When he uses Heat Vision, do the same for Zap Shot. When he uses Fire Wave, use the Hover Shoes (double tapping L) to fly and avoid the fire wave. When you hit him 6 times, his health bar will be at 75% damage and he will start using 2-3 powers at the same time making it harder to defeat him. When you hit him 2 more times, his health bar will have 100% damage and he will be K.O'ed and will stop using his Hover Shoes and will fall into the road, then the battle ends.

A cutscene starts showing Shadow Agent Unknown falling into the road and possibly getting killed (it is never revealed). Then, Agent Unknown boosts up his Master Speed and then he uses Telekinesis to pick up something that will stop the road from falling. After he does that, he is sucked into a portal and taken back to his own dimension but then the Robber Penguin Agency HQ is empty. A note is seen on the meeting table saying "If you want your friends back, defeat me at The Nugget Land. Love, an old friend". Agent Unknown then teleports to The Nugget Land ending the cutscene and the chapter.

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