The 100 Laser Raygun Shooter is a laser weapon created by the combined efforts of Agent Bon Chaos and Larry The Gadget Guy and was given to the Agents who took part in Operation C.O.O.L, alongside with the Jet Pack.

Upgrading It

You can upgrade the gun to make it more powerful with your RPA Medals.

Level 0: Given to Agents for free for completing Operation C.O.O.L. It is identical in abilities and designs to the Bubble Ray Gun, which was sold for 100 'Meteor Points' (points given for how many asteroids you destroyed) at the Future Party. It is extremly weak compared to its other levels. Overall-0.5 out of 10 = Extremly Weak

Level 1: The first upgrade of the gun nicknamed the 'Bison' by Obookey and Larry. It costs 100 medals to upgrade. Overall- 4.5 out of 10 = which equals enough power to defend yourself.

Level 2: The second upgrade of the gun, described by Larry and Obookey as a 'Blaster Fit for a Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Away', it is the second best level, and it's a fairly powerful blaster. It costs 500 medals to upgrade it. Overall - 7 out of 10 = a good gun

Level 3: The third and final upgrade of the gun, it is extremely powerful and can take out a horde of police officers and other people of law in a single shot! It is also great for defense as you can press a button that deploys a shield for 20 seconds. It can also be shrunk down to fit in your pocket with the press of a button. It is nicknamed 'The Cow Mangler 5000'. It costs 1000 medals to upgrade it. Overall 11 out of 10 = Extremely powerful and near unstoppable


  • After finding out about the power in the Secret Jewels Of Club Penguin, Agent Bon Chaos began "experimenting" on the gun to make it more powerful.


  • Level 1 of the Gun,'Bison'
  • Level 2 of the Gun, its perfect for a long time ago,in a galaxy far away.
  • The Final Level Of The Gun, The Cow Mangler 5000

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